Mechanical Clocks An Intro to Horology

@ OddBird (Virtual) Retreat
A time-only clock has one power source to wind, and one gear train
A time and strike clock has one two, the second one is attached to a small padded hammer
A time-and-strike movement with a wire up to a cuckoo instead of a hammer
A chiming movement has a third power source, set of gears, and a larger set of hammers in the back

Oscillating period Determined by Length

Reality Sucks
Reality Involves Friction

Reality Sucks
Reality Involves Friction
And Variations in Gravity
And Variations in Temperature

Close enough, now… Make Everything Adjustable

Controlled Release

pendulum interrupts the movement

Adjustable Crutch

Loose interface with pendulum

Pendulum’s Lose Momentum

from pivot friction air resistance

Our goals… To Un-Wind Slowly

  • 30hr Clock -> Daily Wind
  • 8 Day Clock -> Weekly Wind
  • 400 Day Clock -> Yearly Wind

The gear ratios also… Divide The Pendulum Beat

Pendulum runs At Any Speed

smaller clock, shorter pendulum, faster beat

Front end logic Called “Motion Works

Strike Mechanism Uses Event Listeners!

(we don’t have time for that)

Not Just For Time

  • Mechanical Pedometer
  • Typewriter
  • Etc…